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(a) The Bchems warrants that the Goods will conform to or exceed the Company’s specifications as supplied with the Goods when used under normal laboratory conditions. If any Goods do not conform to or exceed the specifications in this way then on receipt of notice from the Customer which must be given within thirty (30) days from the Customer becoming aware of such non-conformance the Company will promptly either replace such Goods without charge or refund the any amounts paid to Bchems in respect of such Goods in the company's sole discretion.

(b) Bchems markets Goods which are intended for use only by or under the supervision of suitably qualified persons.

(c) All products produced by Bchems and not for human consumption and are not to be resold.

(d) Bchems nor its parent company take no responsibility or liability to research chemical accidentally ingesting any product intended for use by trained lab technicians.

(e) The customer is aware that research chemicals can cause nausea, dizziness, fainting, heart palpitations, and even death if ingested.